Originally, La Petite had one "page" for each level, with each stroke placed underneath a picture of each ribbon. There was no "overall design" to this model, but it was at the core of their teachings. The information here was going to every student, parent, and teacher as a document that functioned as an outline for how students learned to swim at La Petite. I worked with La Petite to take their information and make it into a "path" that a student flows through, ribbon by ribbon, as they learn to swim.
The final model for the Ribbon System Levels Guide goes out to all parents as double sided flyers for each level (created both English and Spanish versions), and at each swim school the entire path is displayed on a 10ft long banner near each pool. 
I've also helped create a variety of promotional materials for La Petite including but not limited to certificates of completion, a "Whale of a Welcome" multi-page booklet for parents, flyers, postcards, and general signage. On a number of occasions I've also created both English and Spanish versions of promotional materials. I'm not fluent in Spanish but am happy to lay out both if requested by a client!

All design work for La Petite Baleen is via The GraphicWorks.